Hollow glass microsphere is a fine, white, free-flowing powder.It is widely used in aerospace, defense and industrial markets.

Solid Buoyancy Material

Solid buoyancy material is one of the key core materials in Marine exploration and deep sea engineering, and one of the six key technologies of deep submersible.This material mainly provides buoyancy for underwater devices and compensates for buoyancy, so as to realize the floating positioning of deep-sea devices, rise and fall without power, increase the payload and reduce the external size.

About us

        Beijing weizhi technology co., LTD is a leading supplier of high performance composite materials, providing lightweight solutions for buoyancy materials, rubber, electronics, petroleum and engineering plastics.The company mainly focuses on high quality hollow glass microbeads and the corresponding formula, engineering applications and manufacturing and solid buoyancy research and development and production.


        The characteristics of high strength, low density and hollow hollow hollow glass microspheres enable them to be used as lightweight additives in various polymers and applications.These insulating glass microspheres help reduce the weight of the final component while maintaining or improving the machining characteristics and physical properties.          It can be used in a variety of resin systems, including: polyolefin, nylon composites and other thermoplastics, thermosetting materials, liquids and pastes, flaky and block molded composites, elastomers, wood/polymer composites.